1. Advance

We have a diversified and balanced clinical development pipeline, covering multiple therapeutic areas, including CNS, cardiovascular, and immunological disorders, as well as orphan diseases.

The company also has a vaccine platform discovering and developing glycoconjugate vaccines containing synthetic antigenic glycan molecules with and without a carrier protein to prevent infection.

The pipeline comprises more than 10 compounds, with half in late-stage development. The development of an innovative compound into a future therapy is a complex undertaking, which inevitably involves an element of risk. With our scientific, data-driven approach helping to mitigate risk at each step, we have already brought one product to the market in the US and several European countries and another product currently undergoing regulatory assessment in the US and EU.

“With patients at the heart of our process, our key assets have the potential to transform treatment in the target indications.”
— Alberto Gimona Head of Global Clinical Development

2. Launch

We have taken a simple, efficient approach to our first product launches, utilizing shared, best in class platforms and ways of working that enable fast decision-making and cost effective growth. We will continue to focus on transforming treatment in underserved markets, such as insomnia, using scientific and medical evidence to engage effectively with experts in the field and with payors. We plan to remain flexible and nimble in the way we commercialize our portfolio. We have built the core capabilities required to successfully launch our products, while also entering into partnerships where we need support to reach a primary care market.

We have established commercial operations in the US and the major European markets, with experienced leadership teams and strategic locations. We have also established a robust and lean global supply chain function to ensure consistent supplies of our innovative medicines to patients.

“Idorsia has the ideal constellation for bringing successful medicines to the market.”

— Jean-Paul Clozel, CEO

3. Profitability

We believe that we have the potential to generate significant revenues from our innovative portfolio, which now includes a product on the market in the US and several European countries, and another product under review by US and EU health authorities.

To maximize the medical value of our discoveries and to provide a source of liquidity in the short to medium term, we have entered into several collaborative partnerships with pharmaceutical companies. These include development, commercialization, and revenuesharing agreements, under which we are eligible to receive milestone payments based on the progress of the development compound in question.

Furthermore, with several unencumbered assets in clinical development, additional contract revenue from partnerships and/or out-licensing remains an option for us.

“We have a diverse pipeline with unique assets that have significant potential for patients. We must invest in this pipeline in order to make Idorsia a profitable company, in a sustainable manner.”

— André C. Muller, CFO

4. Discover

In addition to several drug candidates in the early stages of clinical and preclinical development, we must continue with our discovery efforts, to maintain a steady supply of innovative compounds to our pipeline. We aim to create a pipeline with a sales potential of at least CHF 5 billion.

“Our approach: novel projects that answer medical problems in groundbreaking ways, balanced with less risky projects where we have a deep understanding of the disease mechanisms.”

— Martine Clozel, CSO

5. Innovate

We integrate computational tools and digital technologies at various stages of the drug discovery, development, and commercialization process, so as to maximize our potential and bring breakthrough medicines to patients.

We look for creative ways to harness advances in technology to focus on novel targets and use new drug development methods. All functions involved in drug discovery and in clinical and pharmaceutical development are streamlined to assist in the delivery of tailored, high-quality medicines.

“We must integrate computational tools and digital technologies at every stage of the drug discovery, clinical development and commercialization process in order to maximize our potential to bring breakthrough medicines to patients.”

— Jean-Paul Clozel, CEO

Drug discovery

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Computer modeling

Clinical development

  • Patient reported outcome measures
  • Creative clinical endpoints


  • Digital & social media
  • Advanced analytics

More joy –
The spark of passion


We want our employees to feel proud of their work, and of the company they work for. We provide a supportive and stimulating environment for high-performing teams, recognizing and rewarding their contributions.

“Achieving our strategic priorities is dependent on a company-wide effort, so we must attract, retain, and develop a talented and engaged workforce. ”

— Jean-Paul Clozel, CEO