Idorsia aims to deliver new products with the potential to significantly change the treatment options in their target diseases. We want to bring new perspectives to the development of innovative compounds, challenging accepted paradigms to answer the questions that matter most.

Idorsia’s drug discovery focuses on novel molecular target families, implementing appropriate state-of-the-art technologies. In particular, the target families include G-protein coupled receptors (“GPCRs”), anti-infective targets, ion channels and certain enzymes. The drug discovery team comprises highly experienced professionals, facilitating the combination of drug discovery technology with human expertise and teamwork in a single research center based in Allschwil, Switzerland.

Idorsia’s clinical development comprises a broad spectrum of expertise clustered within multiple units: therapy area units, strategic development, clinical pharmacology, biostatistics and data management, drug safety, drug regulatory affairs, clinical operations and life cycle management. Life cycle cross-functional teams – under the leadership of life cycle leaders – bring expertise from preclinical development, clinical development and technical operations to the efficient development of new medicines. They steer the compounds from entry-into human studies through to submission of the dossier to health authorities, approval and maintenance of the license during the commercialization phase until loss of exclusivity of the medicine in the major markets and beyond. Idorsia’s clinical development manages clinical programs to the appropriate scientific, medical and operational standards to generate the information required by health authorities worldwide.

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